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24 years professional thermography experience



Disconnect switch - hot knife switch

Loose connections, internal faults and overloaded circuits, bad wires are just some of the issues that thermal imaging excels at documenting.  Our IR photographic experience ensures that these and many more issues will be found. 

Our thermal images come complete with temperature information, temperature scales, regions of interest and more... the information your engineering staff requires to make informed decisions on repairs.

Contactor - Loose overload connections

Indoor electrical motor control centers, outdoor power distribution systems... we have the equipment and experience to scan it all.  Three high resolution IR camera detectors (640x480, 320x240 & 384x288), wide angle lenses for close-up work & 50mm lenses to zoom in on distance work.

Cut-out with broken gate


Plus, we are well trained to use airborne ultrasound to locate and record for corona discharge and tracking on electrical gear over 4160V.  Again, just the information your engineers need to keep your facility up and running.

Our surveys include a list of components, report photo pages  in both printed and electronic format and a quick reference summary of our findings.

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Control wire - loose connection
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