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Interior - insulation missing in wall and ceiling

Interior insulation surveys allow for a "view" inside the walls. A well insulated wall or ceiling is uniformly light in color (top of photo), while an uninsulated wall or ceiling is dark in color, with the studs closer in temperature of the interior of the building.

Exterior of building - missing wall insulation

Exterior insulation surveys quickly determine the location of missing insulation or air exfiltration points. Exterior surveys have limitations, however... Temperature differences between the inside and outside of the building need to be significant for the quality results you expect and Altheus Infrared demands.

Air Infiltration highlighted in red (Iso-Therm)

Air infiltration surveys are an integral part of any building envelope survey. Air movement through unsealed cracks or insulation voids cools (or warms - depending on the time of the year) the surrounding material. Locating air infiltration points is key for improving comfort, stopping insect infestation and reducing energy bills.

Cold Air Infiltration at the base of this column
Air infiltration is a basic part of every building envelope survey. The dark colored "whispy" patterns you see at the base of columns, baseboards, window sills and door thresholds is the effects of cold outside air blowing across the interior walls or floors. Our quality equipment will show exactly where to go to fix the problem... our reports give you the information in a format you (and your insulator) can use.
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