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Motor - hot spot on side

Thermal imaging of motors can aid in detecting winding issues, lubrication (bearing) issues and cooling issues; problems present themselves as hot spots like the one in this image.  Temperature information is documented, photos are processed and reports generated to give you the data required to make the right maintenance call.

Rope sheave cluster - hot bearing
Bearing surveys allow for a quick and accurate picture of how the lubrication and rollers are performing. By comparing temperatures of adjacent bearings and trending temperatures over time, an accurate picture of the health of a systems bearings is created.  Your maintenance professionals can use this valuable information to determine when to lube, when to replace and when to let the bearings run. 
Pump seal water line blocked
Infrared imaging of pumps of all types is an absolute must for paper mills! Call Altheus Infrared today to get this program started at your facility.  Thermal imaging is a quick and accurate means of detecting overheating in pump bearings and shaft seals.
Different color pallets may be utilized to show the temperature gradations the best. Blower - hot bearing
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