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Stucco wall - dark colors around windows indicate water under the stucco

Detecting water leaks behind Stucco & EIFS wall systems is one of the best applications for thermal imaging.

Just take a look at this sample showing water leaks (confirmed with moisture meter, and later verified through destructive testing by the owner).

Dark streaks on paper dryer can indicate high moisture content

Process Control.  The paper industry benefit's from thermal imaging... too much moisture in the sheet or on a felt produces these dark streaks in the sheet.  Streaks in the sheet produces corrugations, which means wasted product.  Regular infrared surveys of the web will alert paper makers to moisture conditions that may have otherwise gone un-noticed.

Water wicked into drywall - trapped behind vinyl wallpaper (peeled back)

Water damage inside a building means more than just wet carpet!  Drywall wicks water up into the wall as shown in this infrared photo.  A water leak in the bathroom saturated the bottom of the wall and may have led to mold and mildew growth if left untouched.  Thermal imaging shows the extent of the damage with unprecidented accuracy.  These surveys can easily be verified with our moisture meter.

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