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24 years professional thermography experience

Wave file:  Electrical corona detected using airborne ultrasound... detector passes from C phase (problem area) to B phase and back.




Talk to Altheus Infrared about using airborne ultrasound for stand-alone surveys or verification of infrared findings... it all depends on the application.

Altheus Infrared's equipment includes a digital ultrasound detector with a parabolic dish, contact probes, warble tone generator (for use in enclosed space for leak detection) and digital audio capture equipment to document it all.

Ultrasound Equipment

Wave file: Underground Steam Leak  documented with Ultrasound.  Listen for "Popping" sound.

Digital airborne ultrasound detector applications include:

  • High Voltage Electrical
  • Gas Leaks
  • Vacuum Leaks
  • Liquid Leaks
  • Steam Leaks
  • Steam Trap Operation
  • Bearing Issues
  • Seal Leaks / Gaps

Visual photo of air hose reel and fitting

Visual photo of air hose reel and fitting.  Hose reel is located in high noise area, however the ultrasound detector found the leak from over 15' away. 

Thermal image showing air leak on air hose reel fitting
Leak in air hose fitting detected using airborne ultrasound detector. Component then photographed with the thermal imaging camera. The leak point is outlined using an Iso-therm (highlighting the anomaly in red).
Wave file:  Steam Trap... bucket trap that is fluttering.  This failing trap is allowing a constant stream of condensate & steam through the trap as it flutters.
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