Welcome to Altheus Infrared!!!!!

23 years professional thermography experience

Welcome to Altheus Infrared!

We offer more than infrared surveys... we offer a new kind of vision.

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 Altheus Infrared is a Thermal Imaging  Photographic Service Company providing exceptional imaging for your mechanical, electrical, roof, steam, insulation, moisture or other application.  We service customers throughout all of New England, including, New York and the Mid-Atlantic states. 

ASNT Level 1 & 2 certification, OHSA 10, Presenter for Thermal Solutions Conference, Ultrasound Proficiency

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Water Infiltration:

This 640 x 480 Infrared photo shows water infiltration issues in a stucco building on the coast of Maine.  This particular image was captured very early in the morning, on a very cold day (about 17F), with the sun just starting to warm the stucco wall.  The intent was to locate water issues at seams or joints on the exterior wall.

You will notice the white streaks from the right corner of several balconies.  This white is likely water behind the surface.  I was able to test and verifed as wet, a similar spot on a lower section with a moisture meter.

Scanning under the best conditions is important.  Using good equipment is essential!

This particular photo was taken with the Guide Infrared TP-9, a 307,200 pixel (640x480) infrared camera, imaging at a true 60hz, using a wide angle 19mm lens.

If your company is not scanning with the proper equipment... you may be missing the details!  Preventing failures requires consistent monitoring, proper access and a thermographer that knows what he is doing, and the right equipment for the job.  Let Altheus Infrared SHOW you the heating.  Call today 207-205-3994 to schedule!


How can we help you?  Take a look at our Photo Gallery for many other samples! 

At Altheus Infrared, we are always on the lookout.


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Once or twice a year, Altheus Infrared completely updates our image gallery...   Take a look for a new collection of photos in our most popular applications.  Want to see something new... can't find the image to fit your application?  Send an email... chances are we've done it or can find a photo in our archives!

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